I’m Mel

Consumer behaviour consultant,
dedicated to helping your brand connect with your consumers.

100% of your customers are people, understanding people is vital to successful marketing.

Why Consumer Behaviour Marketing?

Turns out marketing and psychology work hand in hand. With a degree in psych and a master’s in marketing I can safely say that consumer behaviour marketing is my jam!

Since 2015, I’ve dedicated my career to helping businesses understand consumers and have created marketing strategies based on psychological insight.

The human elements of your brand create a strong connection with your target audience, and help build a memorable brand experience.

Creating Meaningful Connections Between Brand and Consumer

Businesses that take the time to understand their consumers on a psychological level are miles ahead of their competition.

By acknowledging the personality traits of consumers, their internal drivers and preferences, brands can produce more informed and human-focused marketing.

Consumers appreciate it when a brand ‘gets them’.