Are you using your brand personality
in your marketing?

If you’ve ever heard someone being described as having ‘zero personality’ it’s a big insult, right?!

So, if the same can be said about your brand (that is has no personality), then we have a problem!

Like people, brands have a personality

By attributing human characteristics to your brand, you'll develop marketing communications that engage with your audience on a deeper level.

Connect with your audience

People connect with other people based on their characteristics.

So if your brand has a personality that consumers like, then they connect with your brand, as they would a friend.

Think of it like creating a friendship between brand and consumer

Use your brand personality to speak to the audience and create a connection with them.

The human characteristics that make up your brand personality will make it relatable and differentiate it from the competition.

Ready to take your brand to the next level?

Join my 4 step program and I'll guide you through how to use your brand personality as your marketing secret weapon!

Step 1:
The WTF?! stage

Step 2: Understanding consumers

Step 3: Brand personality bull's eye

Step 4: Your Activation strategy


A brand personality in marketing will take your business to the next level.
If you don't have one, get in touch!