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I’m Mel,
consumer behaviour marketing consultant

I uncover the reasons behind behaviour with marketing psychology

to help businesses understand their consumers

As 100% of your customers are people, understanding them is vital to successful marketing.

Why are behavioural marketing solutions
the secret sauce in growing your brand?

Consumers are at the heart of any business’s marketing. It is vital to have a consumer-centric approach.

Understanding how they think, feel, and make decisions is essential to a successful marketing strategy.

Understand the models of consumer decision making

Psychological, social and cultural factors all influence consumers.
Discover what marketing messages make your target audience tick and take action. 

Ready to improve your marketing for business growth?

Book a free discovery call, we’ll have a 15 min chat about your business, consumers and goals.

I’ll then give you some marketing psychology insights that will help inform your marketing strategy.

What my consumers say...

"We can't thank and recommend Mel's services enough,
the blend of psychology and marketing is hands down
where any business owner needs to be thinking"
Simon Bennett
"Mel ran a workshop for small business owners
in conjunction with the NSW Government.
We loved her presentation on behavioural marketing,
and workshop exercises about understanding consumers"
Robyn Simon
Digital Business Advisor

What's next?

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