Discover how marketing and psychology work hand in hand

The Psychology of Marketing Needs and Actions

Consumers might change the way they, gather information and make purchases, but their basic psychological needs and their associated causes of action are constants that marketers can count on.

Increase Your ROI With a Buyer Persona

If you want to have the best chance of getting the attention of your audience, create a buyer persona.

It will help you to really understand your ideal customer and communicate with them in a meaningful way that creates a connection.

The Power of Brand Archetypes in Marketing

All stories have characters we can relate to; whether it’s the hero, the villain, or the sidekick, we understand them.
By giving your brand a character, it attributes a sense of humanity and makes it memorable, and relatable to audiences.

Bringing Your Brand Personality to Life

Brands that resonate with consumers the most present have a distinct personality and memorable content. The key ingredient here is brand voice.

Executed correctly, your brand’s voice illustrates your brand even when it’s not accompanied by your logo.

What Is Marketing Psychology?

For a marketer to successfully do their job, they first need to understand who the consumer is, what they want, and what motivates them.
Psychology in marketing aims to understand the way consumers think and feel.